Thursday, December 1, 2011

An Instrument

Hello, once more. Last time I spoke with you, I gave you a most wonderful children's story about a yam named Yammy. I hope you enjoyed that. Anyway, I have once more been given an assignment from the authorities of my institution of knowledge. In this project, we had to create an instrument, to, of course, expand our creativity and openness to al varieties of sound and culture. I have been instructed to make a post on this blog about the creation of this piece, and that, I shall:

This thing was originally a container for cocoa, but then I attached to it a long metal ruler and drilled through that ruler to create holes to string through a variety of strings, including rubber bands. Then I covered the entire instrument with duct tape. Then I decorated it with swirlies. Because everyone loves the swirlies. I have also been instructed to make a video:

Thank you for watching that video. You may realize that the video cannot be heard. For that I blame the large quantity of people in the room. You may also have noticed that those arms were not the withered, old, saggy arms of an incredibly old person trying to appear young. For that I thank plastic surgery. That voice is also not mine. I hired a young person on the street who had the best sounding voice for that job. You will never find me.

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