Monday, December 12, 2011

A Conclusion to that Saga of the Instrument

Well, Friday, we finally put an end to this "instrument" project by grouping the students and allowing them to work out a song, or the closest song-related thing they could muster. Several were good.
My instrument, which you saw in the previous video on my blog, broke. Three times. On the day of the performance. I'm sure you can imagine my glee.
I am also supposed to describe (actually, we were supposed to take a video or pictures, but since I had neither a video-maker or a picture-taker, I shall have to hope that a description with words will build an accurate representation of the happenings of Friday in your head.) what happened, and people's instruments on that day, and that description is this: We were in a large room that looks remarkably like a test chamber from Portal, with linoleum floors. People are everywhere, holding odd objects. There is a boy with relatively long dark hair, parted down the middle, with an odd look on his face as he plucks several rubber bands strung around dixie cups, masked by a cloth suspended around them. The sound is remarkably good for such an instrument. There is a girl with a bright, shiny, round face laughing as she plays a pvc pipe with a hole cut in it, a piece of metal inside the hole. There are an astonishing amount of shakers, rattlers, rattle-drums, and mild stirrers, decorated in an assortment of ways.
I hope this was both entertaining and informative.
Thank you.

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