Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Hello, and Welcome

Hello, and Thank You for intruding into my thoughts. I have been instructed to create a blog to appease you savage hordes of readers, no doubt ripping your own scarves with your teeth in anticipation for the next word to ooze from my fingertips onto your screens (I am a common user of online sarcasm, and I know that several of you people have trouble understanding sarcasm unless I'm making absurd loops and accents in my language, which you know is impossible under the circumstances, so please bear with me, and don't confuse my words for those of the perfect, undiluted, clear and precise Truth.), and I have also been instructed to introduce myself, and I do think that is appropriate since this is my first post. My name is Byron, and I am a student at Booker T Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts. However, if you're to believe any of that is your choice. Why you should believe a word of some anonymous and (unless you're a hacker, and if you are, may I kindly ask you to stay out of my computer?) untraceable person spewing words onto the internet is beyond my reign of comprehension, because, in all likelihood, I am some creepy seventy year old man, hunched over his large white old computer, dying to somewhere, ANYWHERE appear a younger version of himself (or even better, not himself, but a BETTER, more educated, kind and wise version of the bitter self conscious creature that he (or, should I say, I, am) is.), even if it is on what the kids these days are calling the Information Superhighway. Now, to get on with it, more of my "self" that I have to tell you about. I enjoy, like many people, listening to music. Lately, it's mostly been Queen, Mostly being Killer Queen, which I am at this very moment listening to. I have created this blog because I have been directed to by a teacher in a class I am supposedly taking at this school that I say I'm going to. It's called New Works, and it is called an interdisciplinary class because we float through all different kinds of arts in it. I am supposing that the art they are trying to get us to practice in this class would be... Creative writing? So far, we have constructed shelters our of newspaper and tape, which I suppose were to get us thinking "out of the box" and think of interesting and useful solutions to strange problems. Before that, we had a kind of interpretive dance class for a few weeks to get us to let our emotions reign free. This writing has been fun. I think I might actually do this blog thing. I do thank you, though, for reading this far. I know that most people in this day and age would have gotten bored after the first sentence after they noticed there weren't any exciting profanities or links to videos of cats doing adorable things. Anyway, I hope you have gotten a good view of who I am from this. First post: done.